Sound of The Northern Lights

Strange title I know. Have you ever heard the sound of The Northern Lights? Well, after clicking on the play button below, you’ll be able to say, “Yes, I have”. The YouTube post doesn’t have a description of how this was recorded, but it’s an interesting sound that only nature can create.

UK Tornadoes Over Mersyside Liverpool

Here’s another video of the same tornadoes we showed you earlier. Watch as terrifying tornadoes loom over the M53 motorway then rip through homes in Derbyshire.

Tornado Over NorthWest UK

They don’t get a lot of tornadoes in the UK, but when they do, they’re just as scarey. Check out this video of a tornado! For those who can’t see, the sound of the rain/hail hitting the car is empressive and we get to hear a bit of UK radio in the background.

Rain Song: Neil Sedaka – Laughter In The Rain

I love the playful nature of this song. Picture in your mind two young lovers, holding hands as the rain begins to fall. Hold that thought as you listen to this rain song, Neil Sedaka’s Laughter In The Rain from 1974. Be careful, Angie and I had the melody of this classic stuck in our heads for days.

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Rain Song: Janet Jackson – Anytime Anyplace

It’s all about sexy in this classic Janet Jackson song. Two versions are presented, one from her huge hit album “janet” and the other a remix by R&B artist r. Kelly. In the music video, Janet continues to shed her innocent image as she hooks up with the man next door. The song was sampled in Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s “Poetic Justice”, which was also named after Janet’s debut film.

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Rain Song: Janet Jackson and Herb Alpert – Making Love In The Rain

Janet Jackson and Herb Alpert have the right idea for exactly what to do, either in the rain, or when it rains. The song was the third single release from Herb’s 1987 “Keep Your Eye On Me” Album. The lead singer is Lisa Keith.

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