A Word of Thanks

Hello everyone! Time for our first big update on the site. We’re still working on things around here, but after one crash, we’re even more determined to make this a great place for you to come and enjoy The Storm.

Before I go any further, I have some people I need to thank. It takes a village they say, and that is certainly true for creating a website. We have the best listeners anywhere, and to prove it, I’m going to mention some of them and how they’ve helped get this site going.

Let’s start with Dave and Joe. These two guys have sat through the long process of watching me make changes to the site code and telling me the results. It’s not an easy task for someone who is blind to make a site “look” interesting. I’m positive, thanks to their help, that the site will continue to evolve into something that is easy on the eyes and easy to use with a screen reader. That’s very important to me as the one working with the code. We’ve had to fight with a large, white box that keeps cropping up on the site, and items that seem to magically move around the screen, with no code telling them to do so.

Through all the mess, Dave and Joe have been right there, watching and making sure the site looked the way I thought it did. Thanks to their help, it does look the way my mind thinks it does.

Now, let’s move on to the idea maker of the group. Ricky has been extremely helpful with suggestions that will make the site more appealing to everyone. His suggestions are still in the works, so come back and see what we create. I think he’s more excited about this new site than we are! His positive attitude has been a big help to me, especially after a crash that took the entire site offline. This is my first time building a site with WordPress, so I’m learning as I go. This time, the one thing I learned is to make more backups.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to thank my wife Angie. She has listened to me talk about the site with Dave and Joe, when I need to think outloud, and she’s heard me complaining when things didn’t go right. I’ve had lots of time at the computer and she’s spent lots of time playing Tetris on her iPhone. All I can say is that she’s the best! She always supports my “ideas” and knows how important this is to our station. I love you Angie, and thanks for always being there for me.

We have some cool things coming for you. Because we’re The Radio Storm, we thought it would be nice to feature some stormy items on our website. So, you can look forward to posts of video and audio that will feature, storms. If you have some cool stuff you’d like to share, please let us know! We’ll feature your items in a post, with a link to your website, Facebook page, or Twitter account. I’ll leave that up to you. If you see something that looks cool on Youtube, again, let us know. We want this site to be interactive and fun. While we don’t enjoy seeing the damage and negative things storms can cause, we do appreciate them for what they are, a fascinating aspect of nature. We’ll start posting some of our favorite videos and audio clips soon.

We also have to thank you, the listener. If it weren’t for you, there’d be no reason to have The Storm. We appreciate the feedback you give us about our shows, and we love talking to you on the phone. You all make great requests and have helped us spread the word about the station. This is a hobby for Angie and me. For us to be able to share it with all of you, well, that’s just awsome! Stay tuned and we’ll continue to play the variety of music you like so much. Please, continue to spread the word about our station. With an advertising budget of $0.00, that “word of mouth” advertising is so important. I’ll return soon with another update.

Site Under Construction

Welcome to the website for The Radio Storm! It might not look like a lot now, but you keep watching and watch it transform into something really cool. In the meantime, please visit us on Facebook and Twitter and you'll find the listen links to our station. We will post future updates soon, so stay tuned!

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