As you listen to all the great music we play on The Storm, we hope you'll take some time to check out some of the cool friends we have. It takes a lot to put a station like this together. Each one of the mentions below have helped us in some way. We couldn't have done this without their support.

  • Kentucky School for the Blind is where we all grew up and learned together. Angie, Mike, Matt and Joe are all graduates. We love our school!
  • The American Council of the Blind strives to increase the independence, security, equality of opportunity, and quality of life for all blind and visually impaired people.
  • ACB Radio features programs from The Radio Storm and is the voice of The American Council of the Blind.
  • Station Playlist Studio is the software that powers The Storm. A huge word of thanks goes to this company for making its software accessible to the blind.
  • Hartgen Consultancy created the scripts that make the Station Playlist products even more accessible with the JAWS for Windows screen reader.
  • Freedom Scientific home for the JAWS for Windows screen reader and other products for the blind.

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